Google Drive at Texas A&M

Note: Before using your Texas A&M Google Drive you must first Claim your Google Apps Account.

Google Drive allows you to share documents between your various devices as well as with your class, research group, anyone at Texas A&M, or anyone with a Google Account (from other universities or elsewhere).  Unlike when using your personal Google Account, documents stored using your A&M account are considered secure.  Also, your A&M Google Drive provides unlimited storage.  You should not store very confidential data such as SSNs or Credit Card numbers here.  For research grants, consult IRB requirements before storing research data on your Google Drive.

Connecting via the Web

  • Point your browser to or directly through Google at
  • When asked to login, use and leave the password blank.  You will be taken to the A&M CAS login page where you should use your NetID and password to login.

Connecting via Google Drive Client on your Computer

  • If you want Google Drive to act like Dropbox and similar services where you have a Google Drive folder on your computer you can use as a normal folder and it will be kept in sync with the cloud, you need to install the Google Drive Client on your computer.
  • If installing on a personal computer, go to to download and install the client.  You can only install Google Drive for one Google account on a computer.  If you are using Google Drive with a personal Google account you will have to change the account to your A&M account -- or, just use the Web when accessing your A&M Google drive from home.
  • For Windows computers on the CEHD domain (Harrington, Heaton),
    • click on "Software Center" on your desktop
    • select the checkbox next to Google Drive and click Install
    • when installation completes, find "Google Drive" in your "Start Menu" and run the application to setup Google drive on your computer.
    • Be sure to use your A&M Google Account when logging in to Google Drive.
  • For other situations or if you have problems with the installation, submit a help ticket to request the installation of Google Drive.

You can also install the Google Drive App on your iOS or Android device.

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