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ED-PRINT instructions
How to map a shared folder within Windows and Apple OS.
Information regarding A&M NetIDs including requesting guest accounts and extending the NetID past termination.
Instructions to perform software updates on Apple computers via the Managed Software Center tool.
part of the Python script in Munki that performs these updates. In newer OS's the *newer repos/update paths are not present...
Fix the problem were the Windows Search box does not work with the Google Drive folder in Windows
Instructions for claiming a Google Apps Account
Instructions for the Tech Management students to access the classroom network over VPN.
The purpose of this knowledge base article is to provide a framework on learning objectives. Instructional design research and knowledge of best practices recommends that online instructors write course level objectives and module objectives, provide instructions on how to meet those objectives, and verify that learning objectives are appropriate.
General workflow of Scanning to Home drive and Shares for the Dean's Office staff for the Xerox Copier C75
This article will assist with the connection and disconnection of TAMU Wi-Fi.
This article will assist faculty, staff, and students when preparing for a Skype conference call using windows.
This article will assist with login procedures, adding contacts, and adjusting audio/video settings on Skype via MAC.