ListServs (CEHD)

The college has setup several listservs as a means of distributing information throughout the college. The names, e-mail addresses, and categories are based on data from the CEHD Directory and updated daily through a nightly script.

This service is for issues regarding CEHD ListServs only.   If you need a ListServ for your office or organization, you can request one at

If you need to send e-mail to groups of students see the "Bulk Email" Knowledge Base article (linked from Related Articles).

College ListServs

E-mail can be sent to the list using

  • CEHD-ALL. All current CEHD faculty and staff
  • CEHD-HARRINGTON-OCCUPANTS (faculty and staff whose office is in Harrington Tower)
  • CEHD-HEATON-OCCUPANTS (faculty and staff whose office is in Heaton Hall)
  • CEHD-BLOCKER-OCCUPANTS (faculty and staff whose office is in Blocker)
  • CEHD-PEAP-OCCUPANTS (faculty and staff whose office is in PEAP)
  • CEHD-TENURED-FACULTY  (this includes tenured and tenure-track faculty)


  • Designated personnal (various office staff and other administrators) have been granted access to send to some or all of the lists above.  If you believe your job function needs to be able to regularly send to one of these group, use the "Request Service" link above to request being added to one or more of the above lists.
  • If you anticipate only needing to send an occasional message (e.g., once a semester), you can just send your emali to ) where LISTNAME is one of the lists above.  The message will be reviewed by a list moderator and if the message seems appropriate to the the list, the message will be approved for distribution.  If you have any questions about this service or don't know if the message you would like to send would be appropriate for the group, submit the question through the "Request Service" link above.

Hours of Service

  • The TAMU ListServ service is available 24x7x365.
  • Requests for changes to the ListServ members or message approvals by moderators will be addressed during regular university business hours.

Related Services

  • This service relies on the ListServ shared service managed by TAMU IT.  (
  • CEHD Directory.  The list groups are based on the CEHD Directory.  If you do not receive email for a given list, first verify you are in the college directly and it contains the correct information.  You can edit some of your own information by logging in to your directory page.  Otherwise, contact the CEHD Data Analyst (Rahul Sharma).


  • Configuration and other list management tasks can be done though the TAMU ListServ page.
  • Arlen Strader is the owner of all lists with other people also attached for backup/security purposes.
  • Several people are designated as being allowed to send the lists. These include the communications staff, building proctor, dean's assistants, 
  • The lists are automatically updated each morning.

Service Manager. Arlen Strader

Request Service

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