Elevated Privilege (Administrative Rights) Request

Administrative Authority (Admin Rights) for your computer is reserved to cases where hardware or software required for your position requires it.  A desire to do software updates for yourself or for convenience is generally not sufficient.  Alternatively, you should use our remote assistance option (Bomgar) available at 


If you do require Admin Rights, it requires that you take full responsibility for keeping your computer(s) in compliance with all A&M and state information technology policies and procedures.  As such it is important that you understand these policies before approval is granted.  IT Security policy and procedures are available at


If approved, you will be required to submit an annual IT Risk Assessment with the university.  Failure to complete this annual report may result in the removal of admin rights.



  • Students will not be granted admin rights.  However, their supervisor can request it and provide the needed access to the student under the same requirements above.


Service Manager. Arlen Strader

Request Elevated Privileges


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