Adding Departmental Printers

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This document applies to Mac OSX 10.13 and higher as well as Windows 8.1 and higher.

Note:  If you have a Windows workstation which is a department owned asset, printers are deployed automatically.

Windows Instructions:

1.  Open file explorer and type \\ in the browser.


2.  If you are prompted, enter your netid and password.  Your netid should be entered as auth\netid or


3.  Once authenticated, select the printer you wish to connect to by right-clicking and choosing connect.

4.  That is all.  Your printer will download the appropriate driver from the print server.  If you are printing to a departmental copier, you will need to speak with your business office for a copy code.


Mac Instructions:

To install a departmental printer on a Mac there are a few pre-requisites you will need to know.

  • You must have Administrative access on your machine.  If it is a departmental computer, Technology Services will install the printer for you.
  • You will need to know the make and model of the printer you wish to connect to.  Download the appropriate driver from the vendor (e.g. Xerox, Ricoh, HP) and install it first.  Do not add a printer during the driver installation process.  You will do this later.
  • If you are printing to a departmental copier, you will first need to obtain a copy code from your business office.  
  • You will need to know the name of the printer which you wish to connect.  Technology Services may look this up for you on a case by case basis, or you can reference the screen shots above.  All of the printers as of Fall 2019 are listed

1.  Open System preferences by clicking the Apple Icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

2.  Open Printers & Scanners


3.  Click the + icon to add a new printer


4.  Choose the advanced option.  If you do not see the advanced option you will need to add it in the next step.



5.  Adding the advanced option if it is missing:  Hold Control and click on the menu bar where the advanced icon is shown above.  Click and hold the advanced icon and drag it on to the menu bar.


6.  In the "type" drop down menu, choose "Windows printer via spoolss."  In the "URL" section type the full name of the printer.  e.g. smb://  In the "Name" section, type the friendly name of the printer.  e.g. edct-305-copier.  In the "Use" section you will select the printer driver/software.


7.  Choose "Select Software" from the drop down menu.  Most HP drivers are already in this list.  For Xerox or Ricoh you will need to download and install the specific driver from the vendor first, then it will appear in the list.


8.  Choose the appropriate driver for your printer (by model number).  Note that standard black and white printers may work fine with the Generic PCL Driver, but printer-specific features will not be enabled.


9.  Select any features if prompted and click OK.  The printer is now added.

10.  Printing Documents.  Open a document you wish to print and when prompted authenticate to the print server using your netid and password.  You will need to enter your netid as Auth\mynetid and supply your password.  While we do not encourage storing passwords, there is an option to store your credentials in keychain.  If your password changes or is entered incorrectly, you will have to update it in keychain or authentication will fail. Note that print copier print codes must be added prior to this step.  Some copiers may prompt for an accounting code and others may require manual entry.  Instructions for entering copy codes for Xerox will be listed below.



11.  Entering a Xerox Accounting code.

A.  Open a blank Microsoft Word document and select Print from the menu bar.  Select the "Copies & Pages" drop down and choose "Printer Features."  You will now see a drop down box labeled "Feature Sets."  In this menu choose "Accounting."  In the "Account ID" field, enter your copy code.  You may choose to store these settings by clicking on the "Presets" drop down box and selecting "Save Current Settings as Preset..."


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