HowTo documents associated with various information technology in the College of Education and Human Development. If you have suggestion for a new How To, please contact Arlen Strader.

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Qualtrics related support that is available to the general public.

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Adding Departmental Printers

ED-PRINT instructions

Adobe "Access Denied" opening file from network share

Adobe "Access Denied" error when opening a file that lives on a network share. This is the tightening of security permissions inside of Adobe Reader in order to likely combat cross site hosted files that could be infected or malicious. This is a temporary fix until a more secure solution is determined.

Fixing Software Update Failures - MacOS

part of the Python script in Munki that performs these updates. In newer OS's the *newer repos/update paths are not present...

Google Hangouts

This article provides instructions on Google hangouts video calling and installing the plugin required for the video call.

Login Banner on a Mac

Resources for security-related issues for Macs

Mapping Home Drive and Shared Folders

How to map a shared folder within Windows and Apple OS.

OpenVPN Client Installation Documentation for Tech Management Program

Instructions for the Tech Management students to access the classroom network over VPN.

Preparing for a Skype conference call (Mac)

This article will assist with login procedures, adding contacts, and adjusting audio/video settings on Skype via MAC.

Preparing for a Skype conference call (Windows)

This article will assist faculty, staff, and students when preparing for a Skype conference call using windows.

Receiving all of your Family Member's Text Messages?

Instructions to stop receiving all text messages that are meant for someone else on your personal iphone. This is usually because your iphone shares that same plan with another iphone.

Scan to Network on Xerox (DEAN's Office)

General workflow of Scanning to Home drive and Shares for the Dean's Office staff for the Xerox Copier C75

Set Calendar Permissions (TAMU Exchange)

Directions for setting calendar permissions specifically for TAMU Exchange.

Wi-Fi (Mac)

This article will assist with the connection and disconnection of TAMU Wi-Fi.