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Technology Services provides poster printing service to CEHD faculty, staff and students who are presenting research findings to a class or at a conference. If you need to submit a poster print job please see the information provided below.

Submissions will need to be made 3 business days in advance.


Poster Printing Specifications

  • Poster should be print ready.  We are not responsible for typographic errors or corrections needing to be made after the poster is submitted.
  • The poster printer is on a 42" wide roll. The width cannot be greater than 42" with no limit on the height.
  • Please note to include a 1/2" margin on all four sides when creating your poster. 
  • Your poster can be formatted as either a PowerPoint or PDF.
  • Dimensions should be formatted in inches.


Templates for Common Poster Sizes

36"x24" (PowerPoint)

36"x48" (PowerPoint)

42"x56" (PowerPoint)

Feel free to use the templates above.  Note dimensions are in inches.


Submitting Your Poster Request

Submissions will need to be made 3 business days in advance.

Click the "Submit Poster" button at the top right to complete the PosterPrinting Request form.  Please make sure to include the dimensions of your poster in inches, date you will need it printed by and the attached document in your email. There is a size limit of 15mb that we can receive.


Service Manager. Michelle Bunch

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