Knowledge Base


The KnowledgeBase (KB) is a web-based application for easily creating, displaying, sharing and managing documentation. The Technology Services KnowledgeBase is designed to provide information to the college community.  Information will include general information technology issues and technology issues specific to the college.   An overarching goal of the KB is to provide self-service information to allow members of the CEHD community to be increasingly self-sufficient with respect to technology. 

The KnowledgeBase application is developed and maintained by Technology Services with input from the CEHD community.

Organization of Knowledge Base

The KnowledgeBase is organized into two public categories

  • General Information (documentation for various aspects of technology within the college and university)
  • HowTo Documents (instructions for various self-service technology activities)

Support Conditions

KnowledgeBase users are generally comprised of three types of stakeholders:

  • Readers of KB documentation
  • Document owners and authors
  • KnowledgeBase administrators

Readers of KB documentation

Most readers of the KB are likely to have found a specific KnowledgeBase document while searching for a topic using the Technology Services KB Search box. To provide suggestions for new articles or changes to existing articles, please use the Request KB Change button to the right.  General feedback can also be left on individual articles.

Document owners and authors

Document owners and authors are members of Technology Services. They are typically responsible for the day-to-day upkeep of the documents owned by themselves and/or their group.

KnowledgeBase administrators

The KnowledgeBase administrator is responsible for approving changes to documentation and activating/deactivating documents.


  • Recommended operating systems and browsers: Most KB documentation is accessible using any modern operating system and browser. Admins and authors accessing the administrative environment and some restricted documentation may need to authenticate. Texas A&M utilizes login via NetID Login Service, necessitating the use of a supported browser.
  • Eligibility requirements: Publicly accessible documentation is viewable by all users. Internal documentation and the administrative environment require authentication. At Texas A&M, these items are available only to NetID-eligible members of Texas A&M.  Only logged in users may provide article feedback or submit requests for new or updated articles. 


The KnowledgeBase content is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most public documentation is available at

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