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Technology Services provides printing infrastructure to the CEHD across all buildings.  This includes:

  • Setup and configuration of networked work-group printers (see below for details).
  • Setup personal printers through USB connections to an individual computer (non-networked).
  • Provide user and network security for printers.
  • Work with vendors when setting up contract-based departmental printers.
  • Assist with quotes when purchasing new printers (see below for details).
  • Configure network scanning when feasible with CEHD systems.
  • Troubleshoot printer-related issues.

CEHD Printer Infrastructure

Technology Services maintains a print server (ED-PRINT) that serves as the central management point for all networked printers.  This server is considered a critical server and is setup to provide high availability.  In particular, it is housed in the TAMU IT machine room with generator support and is not dependent on a single physical server.

Printer Purchase Options

Technology Services assists with determining the user or group's needs and recommends options for purchase for optimal value.

Printer Purchasing Service


  • Wi-fi printers are not permitted. (The wireless signals can interfere with campus WiFi.)  Any wireless networking options for printers must be disabled if they are to run on campus.
  • Personal USB printers are discouraged and will not be networked.  If a printer is needed for a group, a wired-network capable printer should be purchased.
  • Printer purchases (along with all IT purchases) must be approved by Technology Services.  If you want to purchase a printer, be sure to include its intended purpose.  That is, if you want the printer to shared among a group be sure to purchase a wired-network capable work group printer.
  • Networked printers will be set up according to Technology Services guidelines to ensure reliable operation and consistent results.
  • Locations with multiple network printers should be reviewed and accommodated only if justification for them exists.  E.G.  Black and white and color in the same location would be justified by the need for different features.


  • Each printer is managed by security group to determine who is allowed to print to the printer.  If you manage a printer, you may request a list of who has access to add/remove users as needed.
  • Printer services and protocols will be secured to eliminate broadcast traffic on the network.

Review Procedures:

  • Offline Printers will be reviewed annually and removed from the servers (ED-PRINT and DHCP) if they are not in their designated location.


Service Manager: Brandon Bartlett
Backup Service Manager: Tony Reiter


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