Computer Purchase (desktop, laptop, tablet)


University and college policy require that all computers be reviewed and approved by Technology Services prior to ordering.  The purpose of this review is to ensure the computer(s)

  • will provide an exceptional computing experience for the life of the computer,
  • is compatible with college infrastructure,
  • can be centrally managed in compliance with university security policies, and
  • can be adequately supported by Technology Services.

Note this approval process is to review the technical requirements of the requested system.  It is still your responsibility to get approval from your department, director, or PI regarding the money for the requested computer.

Computer Requirements

  • Unlike the computers purchased for home use, university computers need to be enterprise-level machines
  • Minimum of a three-year warranty
  • Preferred brands.  Dell and Apple.  Each different model requires additional setup within our systems.  As such, choosing other brands could delay the setup of your computer.
  • Apple computers and iPads need to be purchased through SHI Government Solutions or MacResource.  This is to ensure the device is enrolled in Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

Standard Models

The following is the current list of recommended, standard computer models.  Choosing one of these models on the request form will result in expedited approval since these have already been vetted and we may already have a quote for them.  

  • Windows Desktop (CPU Only). Dell OptiPlex 5080; I7 processor; 16GB RAM; 512GB SSD drive
  • Windows Desktop with Monitors. Dell OptiPlex 5080; I7 processor; 16GB RAM; 512GB SSD drive
  • Windows Laptop. Dell Latitude 7410; I7 processor; 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD
  • Windows Laptop with a docking station. Dell Latitude 7410; I7 processor; 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD with Docking station and monitor
  • Apple Desktop.  iMac 27"; Retina display, 3.8GHz 8-code Intel i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD drive
  • Apple Laptop. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 13-in; 2.3GHz quad-code i7, 512GB SSD; 16GB RAM
  • Chromebook.  Recommended option when you need very inexpensive laptops.  There is a $30 license fee that will be assessed in addition to the cost of the Chromebook to allow this to be managed through the university management portal.

The request form also permits you to select "Other" and provide your specific requirements or a specific model you need. If you go this route, provide as much information as you can regarding the needs and justification for the model you choose so we can more quickly assess the viability of the device within our infrastructure. However, such computers will require additional vetting to approve.  These one-off devices will also require additional setup time.


Any college faculty or staff member can request the purchase of a computer as long as sufficient funds are available within the purchasing department.


The form asks if this computer will be gifted to an entity outside of CEHD.  The purpose of this question is to ensure that the proper agreements are in place to ensure that the other entity understands they will be responsible for the maintenance, security, and other administrative responsibilities associated with the computer.  In these cases, the computers will generally not be set up by Technology Services but will be transferred to the other entity upon arrival so the IT department of that entity can set up the computer-based upon their requirements.  This will be true whether the other entity is within A&M or not.

You also need to provide (1) the serial number, (2) project name, (3) P.I. (4) the recipient for each device to Technology Services and the CEHD Business Office so such purchases and transfers can be documented.


The process of purchasing a computer is somewhat complex in order to ensure that all appropriate paperwork is completed.  The following is a brief outline of the process

  1. Purchase request ticket submitted by the purchaser
  2. Purchase request reviewed by Technology Services.
  3. The request passed to purchasing agent to place the order
  4. When the computer is received, the computer is sent to the departmental inventory coordinator.
  5. The department ensures the computer is properly logged within A&M's inventory, waits for A&M to generate an inventory tag, and affixes the tag to the computer.
  6. The computer is then picked up by Technology Services to set up and prepare for deployment.
  7. Technology Services coordinates with the purchaser to arrange for delivery and final setup of the computer. 

To start the process, use the button to the right to Request IT Purchase.

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