IT Purchasing

All technology related purchases need to be approved by Technology Services to assure equipment and services are compatible with A&M and college infrastructure and are in compliance with university and college policies and procedures. You should initiate your purchase through one of the items within this group. See "Other IT Purchases" for a list of exemptions that do not need to go through Technology Services.

Services (4)

Computer Purchase (desktop, laptop, tablet)

Use this service to start the process of purchasing a computer (desktop, laptop, tablet). This is required for all computer purchases within the college including faculty, staff workstations as well as computers purchases for research projects.

Printer Purchase

Technology Services assists with the purchase and setup of printers within the college. Use this service if you need to purchase a printer. For assistance with problems with existing printers, use the "Printer Support" option under the Help Desk category of this Service Catalog.

Software Purchases (including iOS Apps)

Technology Supports the purchase of software by the CEHD community through knowing vendor options for common software purchases, knowing alternative options for some purchases, obtaining quotes for software that are compatible with A&M purchasing guidelines, manage software liceses, and providing advice regarding the compatibility of software with current equipment.

Other IT Purchases

Use this option for IT-related purchases that do not fit into one of the other categories (e.g., software, printers, iPads, and the like should use this form). (Additional categories will be added as we work out the details.)