Other IT Purchases


University and college policy requires that all IT equipment and services be reviewed and approved by Technology Services prior to ordering.  The purpose of this review is to ensure the equipment or service

  • is compatible with college infrastructure,
  • is compliant with university and college IT security requirements, and
  • can be adequately supported by Technology Services.

Additional categories of purchases will be added (beyond Computers and Other) as we work out the details.  But for now, all non-computers should use the request form to the right to initiate the approval process.

Exempt Purchases

Some small miscellaneous IT purchases are exempt from review and can be purchased through your regular purchasing process.  Examples include,

  • Computer mice, keyboards, external hard drives, speakers, microphones, headphones, USB thumb drives
  • Printer toner, paper
  • monitor cables, power cables, etc.  (If you are unsure what you need, feel free to ask for assistance)
  • Computer Monitors (be sure to get the correct cables for your computer and that your computer is powerful enough to run the monitors)

This list will be expanded as other similar items come to our attention.  If in doubt, please submit a request so we can either go through the review process or add the item here.


The process of purchasing a computer is somewhat complex in order to ensure that all appropriate paperwork is completed.  The following is brief outline of the process

  1. Purchase request ticket submitted by purchaser
  2. Purchase request reviewed by Technology Services.
  3. If approved, you will need to initiate purchasing process with your business office based on the quote or other information provided by Technology Services.
  4. If the purchase is an inventoried item, (doesn't apply for most non-computers)
    1. the equipment is sent to the departmental inventory coordinator.
    2. The department ensures the equipment is properly logged within A&M's inventory, waits for A&M to generate an inventory tag, and affixes the tag to the equipment.
  5. If the equipment needs to be configured by Technology Services (this will be determined during review process),
    1. The equipment is then picked up by Technology Services to setup and prepare for deployment.
    2. Technology Services coordinates with the purchaser to arrange for delivery and final setup
  6. If the equipment does not need to be configured by Technology Services, the department business office will contact the purchaser for pickup.

To start the process, use the button to the right to Request IT Purchase.


Service Manager. Stu Hutchins