Shared Network Folders (X-Drive)

The college provides network storage for individual faculty and staff and for groups associated with the college.  These shares can be used for university related purposes (and incidental personal use)


  • Files can be accessed on-campus or when using the A&M VPN service.
  • This service is rated to allow for the storage of confidential data, but not Social Security or Credit Card numbers.
  • Storing a few videos within these folders is fine.  But, due to the large size of video files if you need to store many videos, please let us know.  We have a separate location for videos.  This area will not be backed up but can be a good place for you to store backups of your videos.  You should keep the raw video files as well as a copy of the final files on a local device such as an external hard drive.
  • Size quotas are set for all network folders to allow the management of space and prevent a single person from filling up the space.  However, if you find you are getting close to filling up your space submit a help request to have your quota increased.
  • Permissions to group folders can be granted to anyone with a CEHD account or who has a A&M NetID.
  • If you need a folder to be shared with people from other institutions, it is recommended that you use your A&M Google Drive.  For information about Google Drive see or call Help Desk Central at (979) 845-8300.  If you choose to use another commercial service such as Dropbox or Box be sure you are aware of and following university regulations regarding confidential information.
  • These files are backed up daily and can be restored for up to one week. (Note: files within the Video share are not backed.)

Service Level Agreement

  • Requests for new folders and changes to existing folders will be addressed within 2 business days.
  • The uptime for this service will exceed 99.7% (no more than 26 hours of downtime each year)

Service Hours

  • Requests will be addressed during regular university business hours.
  • Files stored are available 24/7


Questions or concerns about this service should be directed to Eric Willson (