Software Purchases (including iOS Apps)


Technology Supports the purchase of software by the CEHD community through knowing vendor options for common software purchases, knowing alternative options for some purchases, obtaining quotes for software that are compatible with A&M purchasing guidelines, manage software liceses, and providing advice regarding the compatibility of software with current equipment.

As with other technology-related purchases, we request you start the purchasing process by submitting a ticket using the button to the right.

Software Purchasing Process

  1. Complete the service request form (using the button to the right)
  2. If the request is unusual, Technology Services may contact you to request additional information.
  3. Depending on the request, Technology Services will request a quote from standard vendors (or a specific vendor you provide)
  4. The quote will be provided to you and your department purchasing agent.
  5. If you decide to purchase the product, submit a new ticket once you receive the product to request installation.

iOS Apps

If you need to purchase iOS apps for your students or research participants with university funds, Technology Services can assist you. There are two main options

  1. Gift the app to the student/participant.  In this case, a code will be sent to the end user who will then install the app under their own AppleID.  The app is then owned by that end user and will remain with that user at the end of their relationship with CEHD.
  2. Maintain ownership of app and manage within the college.  In this case, the app will be pushed to defined devices and the ownership is maintained by the college.  The app can be withdrawn from the end user when the relationship ends and redistributed to another person.

For questions about this process and the options available, contact Eric Willson (

Software Vendors

  • Some software is available through the university at negotiated prices.  See for a list of available software. CHECK HERE FIRST SINCE THIS WILL LIKELY BE THE BEST PRICE IF AVAILABLE.
  • Information for personal purchases can be found at
  • Adobe (Acrobat, Photoshop, Creative Cloud).  Because of licensing issues, Adobe purchases are generally made through CDW and should be done through Technology Services to make sure the purchases are attached to the college licensing portal.
  • CDW.  For other software purchases, the recommended vendor is CDW.  Texas has various contacts with CDW for group pricing.  Note.  To find the A&M price, you should login to AggieBuy through the SSO site ( and go to the CDW plug-in.
  • Others.  For specialized software or if you have a strong preference, please provide the vendor information on the request form and we will attempt to use your requested vendor.

Other Considerations

  • When choosing software, be sure to check compatibility with your computer.  That is, if you are using a Mac make sure you are purchasing Mac compatible software.  Or, if you are using Windows 10, be sure the software is compatible with Windows 10.  (Note. Windows 7 software may work on Windows 10, but it is not guaranteed.)
  • Technology Services will not install Windows software on Macs using one of the available virtual environments.  So, if you use a Mac be sure to purchase Mac compatible software.
  • If you choose to purchase software on your own (i.e., by not going through the Technology Services review process), we reserve the right to refuse to install the software on A&M computers if the software is incompatible with your computer or A&M policies.


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iOS App purchasing: Eric Willson

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