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Technology Services provides poster printing service to CEHD faculty, staff and students who are presenting research findings to a class or at a conference.

Submissions will need to be made 3 business days in advance. Please make sure to include the dimensions of your poster in inches, date you will need it printed by and the attached document. There is a size limit of 15mb that we can receive.

This is the general purpose service that covers most problems associated with office computers, laptops, printers and other IT equipment in the College of Education and Human Development.

Use this service to start the process of purchasing a computer (desktop, laptop, tablet). This is required for all computer purchases within the college including faculty, staff workstations as well as computers purchases for research projects.

The college provides network storage for individual faculty and staff and for groups associated with the college. These shares can be used for university related purposes (and incidental personal use). When requesting a change to permissions, be sure to include the NetID of anyone to add/remove.

Technology Services supports the printing infrastructure to the CEHD across all buildings.

The Technology Services Knowledge Base (KB) is a repository of Technology Services documentation. Use this service to request new articles or changes to the KB.

Technology maintenance and updates for CEHD classrooms, labs, and conference rooms.

Use this option for IT-related purchases that do not fit into one of the other categories (e.g., software, printers, iPads, and the like should use this form). (Additional categories will be added as we work out the details.)

Technology Supports the purchase of software by the CEHD community through knowing vendor options for common software purchases, knowing alternative options for some purchases, obtaining quotes for software that are compatible with A&M purchasing guidelines, manage software liceses, and providing advice regarding the compatibility of software with current equipment.

Qualtrics Research Suite's online survey solutions make it easy to capture academic insights. These insights empower faculty and students, create breakthroughs, and change lives.

Technology Services assists with the purchase and setup of printers within the college. Use this service if you need to purchase a printer. For assistance with problems with existing printers, use the "Printer Support" option under the Help Desk category of this Service Catalog.

Some job functions may require administrative rights on university equipment in order to make changes in real time. For these situations, administrative rights may be approved. This approval must be granted by the Dean of the CEHD.

The CEHD ListServs provide means for sending email to various groups of faculty and staff within CEHD.information.

Technology Services coordinates with TAMU IT to manage networking services such as DNS, firewall, certificates and related services.

Titanium is a software package used by the Counseling and Assessment Clinic for scheduling and tracking clients in the clinic.

This system is an application used by Special Education students when ready to proceed to upper division (i.e., professional phase) of their program. This application includes a process for program faculty to review and score applications.

Technology Services can provide ad-hoc reports from CEHD data.

Report a problem within a CEHD System or request a change to CEHD or related system.

This system was developed for the Research Office to allow non-A&M affiliated people to security upload potentially confidential data needed as part of a project. This could include such things as permission forms or tax-related forms.

Support for TCALL's PD Train Database and Web Site - http://pdtrain-tcall.tamu.edu

Basic support for CDD's Disability Resources site (http://disabilityresources.tamu.edu/)

This system was developed to provide an annual review process for graduate students.

This system manages applications for student teaching within the Bilingual undergraduate program.

This system is an application used by Bilingual students when ready to proceed to upper division (i.e., professional phase) of their program. This application includes a process for program faculty to review and score applications.