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Technology Services will assist, advise, and provide technical support to the CEHD Fiscal Office.  This includes

  • Manage CEHD Laserfiche licences, manage user accounts
  • Assist and advise in the development of LF business processes, forms, and Quick Forms
  • Develop LF business processes, Forms, and Quick Forms in consultation with the CEHD office

The Fiscal Office will identify someone to act as a Liaison between the Fiscal Office and Technology Services with respect to Laserfiche.  This individual will attend Laserfiche training offered through TAMU IT Shared Service and will be the primary trainer for the rest of the Fiscal Office.  This person gather information needed for configuring LF options (e.g., basic configuration, business processes, Forms, Quick Forms) and will work with Technology Services to determine what can be done by the Fiscal Office and what should be done by Technology Services.

LF Liaison for Fiscal Office. Bryan Fruge (8/25/2017)

If other officers were to come on board, this service description should be amended to account for additional resources needed.  At minimum, each new group should appoint a similar LF liaison.


  • This service is currently only available to the CEHD Fiscal Office.
  • If other groups wish to exploring using Laserfiche, contact the service manager for additional details

Request Procedures

  • Use the "Request Service" button to the right to request this service.

Service Level Agreement

  • Service hours.  University business hours
  • A response to requests will generally be provided within two business days unless the service provider is on university leave.
  • Resolution to requests will be dependent on the service provider's task load and the complexity of the requested task.

Supporting Services


Service Provider/Manager. Arlen Strader