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To submit a basic help ticket for your computer, go to Services; Help Desk; TAMU office desktop, laptop, or device support; Request Service
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Facilitate University Resources

Technology Services coordinates with TAMU IT as well as other technology-related groups around campus for many campus-related services. Some services can only be accessed through Technology Services. For others you can contact the university organization directly. If you have questions, drop by our offices or submit a ticket within one of the services in this category.


Services (5)


Help with online courses

Reset Your Netid Password

This will direct you to the TAMU IT Password reset page.

Coordinate TAMU public Domain Name Services (DNS) and other Networking Related Services

Technology Services coordinates with TAMU IT to manage the public DNS records for CEHD buildings.


Technology Services supports the use of the TAMU Shared Service Laserfiche for the CEHD Fiscal Office.

Coordinate with University IT related services

Technology Services can assist when dealing with university IT-related services.