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The goal of marketing communications is to help CEHD connect with the right audience and deliver the right message through the right medium. We can assist with the research and development of effective communication strategies as well as developing metrics to measure results. Other services include market research, media planning, advertising planning, and vendor recommendations.

Graphic Design & Branding

The graphic design & branding team is responsible for defining and maintaining a cohesive visual identity for CEHD while ensuring compliance with Texas A&M brand guidelines. We create program and departmental logos (please do not create your own), and assist with the development of brochures, flyers, and other visual elements.


Our office handles a variety of photography projects including directory photos for full-time faculty and staff, documenting key events, and providing access to resources including the college photo library and other stock imagery.

Photography - Directory Photo

Our office handles the directory photos for full-time faculty and staff and involves a photo shoot to create a custom head shot consistent with the rest of the college.


Marcom oversees the CEHD website and supports its departments and centers with webpages that comply with the university’s standards for brand, usability, and accessibility. We can provide recommendations on website strategy, assist with the development of new pages, offer WordPress training to those responsible for page maintenance, and oversee access of CEHD staff to assigned pages. We cannot assist with IT-related requests, Qualtrics forms, the CEHD Directory, email, or any websites built or hosted by third-party vendors.


Video is a dynamic medium for storytelling and motivating. The Marcom video team can manage approved projects from conception through post-production, providing resources for use in social media, advertising, and on the website. We also offer consultation for self-managed or outsourced video projects and will review all videos for quality and compliance with Texas A&M brand guidelines.

Social Media

Social media is a great tool for building awareness, loyalty, and interaction with your target audience, as well as recruitment. The CEHD social media team can assist you with social media strategy, content development, paid advertising and the appropriate analytics for measuring results on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We utilize an assortment of new and repurposed content components such as stories, photographs, graphics, and video to engage your audiences and generate a response.

News and Public Relations

Leveraging various publications, news channels, and social media, we help you extend the impact and visibility of your research, programs, accomplishments, and events. We conduct research and interviews, write features and press releases, and promote these stories through the appropriate channels. For faculty, we also offer media training and coordinate media interviews.

Events and Promotional Items

We plan, coordinate, and manage conferences and events for CEHD but can also assist you with event-planning consultation for events you manage yourself. As a resource, we can assist you with budget planning, suggestions on themes, local venue options, event technology, catering services, and other event vendors. The events team can also direct you to branded promotional items and other giveaways you might use to complement your event.